Adjustable Web Board H-034

Adjustable Web Board H-034

Adjustable Web Board H-034

Adjustable Web Board H-034
Tube 1 : Oval tube, 60x120mm T2.5
Build Up : 1980*700*980mm
Gross Weight : 69KG


Frame double painted (silver + varnish)
Tube 1Oval tube, 60x120mm T2.5
Tube 2Oblong tube, 50x60mm T2.5
StuffingPU foam with synthetic leather
Build Up Size1980*700*980mm
N.W.59 kg
G.W.69 kg

Exercise benches are versatile fitness equipment designed to support various exercises and workouts. They provide a stable and adjustable platform for strength training and other forms of exercise. Here are some common features you might find in exercise benches:

  1. Adjustable Positions: Exercise benches often have adjustable backrests and seat positions. This allows you to perform exercises at different angles, targeting different muscle groups and accommodating various workout intensities.

  2. Cushioning: Most exercise benches have padded cushions or upholstery to provide comfort and support during workouts. The quality and thickness of the cushioning can vary depending on the bench’s design and intended use.

  3. Sturdy Frame: Exercise benches are built with a sturdy frame to ensure stability and durability. The frame is typically made of steel or other heavy-duty materials capable of supporting the weight of the user and any additional weights or equipment.

  4. Weight Capacity: Each exercise bench has a specified weight capacity, indicating the maximum load it can safely support. It’s essential to choose a bench with a weight capacity that exceeds your body weight and the weight you’ll be lifting.

  5. Attachments and Accessories: Some exercise benches come with additional attachments and accessories to expand their functionality. These may include leg developers, preacher curl attachments, or racks for holding weights or barbells.

  6. Foldable Design: Certain exercise benches feature a foldable design, allowing for easy storage and space-saving. This can be particularly useful for home gyms or compact workout areas.

  7. Transport Wheels: Larger or heavier exercise benches often include built-in transport wheels. These wheels enable you to move the bench more easily without excessive lifting or straining.

  8. Safety Features: Some exercise benches have safety features such as lock-in mechanisms or safety pins. These help secure the bench in place during workouts and prevent accidental collapses or injuries.

  9. Versatility: Exercise benches can be used for a wide range of exercises, including bench presses, dumbbell workouts, step-ups, ab exercises, and more. The versatility of the bench allows for targeted muscle training and full-body workouts.

When purchasing an exercise bench, consider your fitness goals, available space, and the exercises you plan to perform. It’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly, maintenance, and weight limits to ensure safe and effective workouts.